Heat Pump Services, Barrie, ON

The main heat pump services we provide in Barrie include heat pump repair, installation, and maintenance.

Heat Pump Services in Barrie, OntarioHeat pumps are designed to simultaneously cut costs and enhance energy efficiency. If your business uses a heat pump to keep your location cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you need a service provider on your side to ensure your comfort throughout the year. At L&B Mechanical, we believe we are the ones for the job, thanks to the comprehensiveness of our heat pump services and our impressive commitment to our valued clients.

The main heat pump services we provide include heat pump repair, installation, and maintenance. Whether your heat pump stopped working like it should or you believe your unit is near the end of its useable lifespan, we are here to give you helpful advice, reliable solutions, and unparalleled customer service.

If your Barrie, Ontario business uses a conventional HVAC system and you are interested in switching to a heat pump, we recommend doing so because heat pumps:

  • Are an environmentally friendly heating alternative
  • Consume less energy than a traditional system
  • Can be used as a powerful supplemental heat source

If you decide to switch to one of these systems, we will ensure a flawless installation process and worry-free operation for years to come.

At L&B Mechanical, we are eager to team up with your business and help you keep your heat pump up and running. To find out more about what our heat pump services include, pick up the phone and give us a call today.

FAQs About Heat Pump Services

With all our products and services, we expect our clients to have questions for us. However, that expectation increases when it comes to heat pumps. Heat pumps are less common and less well-known than other HVAC products, so we have decided to answer some of our most frequently asked questions about our heat pump services below. If any of our answers prompt you to have further questions, please reach out to us and ask. We would be happy to provide you with more information about our heat pump services.

How are heat pumps different from other HVAC products?
Heat pumps don’t use energy to create heat. Rather, they use a small amount of energy to distribute heat that is already present. They can take heat from the outside air or ground and distribute it throughout your building. Conversely, it can absorb the heat inside your building and release it outdoors when you need cooling. Essentially, it does heating and cooling all in one.
What are some common signs I need heat pump repair?
There are several signs you should be aware of that let you know when you need heat pump repair. These include frozen coils, strange clicking or rattling noises, short cycling, and unexplainably high energy bills. Luckily, our professionals can fix these issues when you call us for heat pump services.
How often do I need heat pump maintenance?
For your heat pump to perform at its best, you should get it maintained twice a year in the fall and spring. This will ensure your heat pump is in good shape to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures whenever needed.

At L&B Mechanical, we offer commercial heat pump services in Barrie, Alliston, Midland, Orillia, Collingwood, Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Toronto, Kitchener, and Simcoe County, Ontario.


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