How Often Do I Need Furnace Maintenance?

When you have a furnace, you need it to work properly and consistently in order to keep your property warm and comfortable. Getting your furnace proper maintenance is a big part of whether or not it will work like it should the following winter! Whether you have a larger commercial property or a small one, furnace maintenance is just as important as all of the other maintenance checks that are done on your property on a regular basis. So, how often do you need furnace maintenance? Let’s take a look.

furnace maintenance should be done at least once per year

Your furnace is something that runs day in and day out for several months of the year, often times nearly nonstop. Because of this, furnace maintenance should be done at least once per year, but preferably twice. Furnace maintenance checks should be done at the beginning of spring and fall as a general rule because these times coincide with the optimal timing for your furnace.

In the spring, your furnace has been working hard all winter and may have worn out a few parts. The spring is warm enough that you can use alternative heating methods if any repairs need to be made while still counting on your furnace to keep you warm through these final days. The fall is an essential time for furnace maintenance since it is done right before the cold hits, allowing your furnace time to get repaired and ready for the busy season.

If you are looking into furnace maintenance, please give us a call here at L&B Mechanical to learn more about this important part of commercial furnace ownership.