Invest in Comfort with Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Maintaining a comfortable working environment in your commercial or business space is important for employees and customers alike, and if you have a malfunctioning or outdated air conditioning system, or if you’re building a new commercial space, air conditioning installation may be on the horizon for you.

Invest in Comfort with Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Considering air conditioning installation for your commercial space is quite a bit different than the considerations for residential properties. Commercial air conditioners are usually much larger units and must be wired to handle the additional electrical load of a larger system. To reduce the amount of noise inside your place of business, commercial air conditioning units are typically placed on the rooftops or in a separate mechanical room, and arrangements for adequate and thorough drainage will need to be made.

Modern commercial air conditioning systems offer many benefits to your business beyond keeping the temperature well regulated. These systems increase air quality through the use of effective air filters and can also control the humidity in the air to prevent moisture issues in your commercial space. Energy efficiency is also increased and can lead to a reduction in your energy bills, which will bode well for your business.

Commercial air conditioning installation should only be performed by experienced teams that specialize in and are very familiar with commercial properties. At L&B Mechanical, we service only commercial properties and utilize our intimate knowledge of what works best to provide the best unit and accommodations for your space.

We are efficient and exhibit exceptional workmanship for every air conditioning installation we do. We know that keeping your commercial space cooled properly is important, and we will respond quickly to service your needs. If you are Barrie, Ontario or the surrounding area, reach out to us today to see how we can be of service to you and your commercial property.