Key Benefits of Quality Air Conditioning at the Office [infographic]

At L&B Mechanical, serving businesses in the Barrie, Ontario area, we have a keen understanding about why you need a reliable air conditioning contractor. One type of commercial property we service with quality air conditioning services is office buildings. We know you want to enjoy the many benefits that air conditioning can provide in an office environment. If your air conditioning isn’t performing as you’d like and you are missing out on any of these benefits, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Health- You can enjoy a healthier office staff when your air conditioning is effectively reducing bacteria and other contaminants through its filtration system. The benefits to you are less absenteeism and a happier staff.
  • Productivity- People work their best when they are in a comfortable environment with the best possible indoor air quality. Without quality air conditioning, you could see a major drop in productivity.
  • Stress- Being uncomfortable is also stressful, and stress leads to lowered employee morale, reduced performance, and even stress-related illnesses that increase absenteeism.
  • Mood- Getting “hot under the collar” is not just about being uncomfortable in a hot room but also about having difficulty maintaining a calm demeanor. An uncomfortable environment makes people more likely to be grumpy and short-tempered.
  • Retention- You need to retain key employees and attract quality ones, but you cannot do that in an inhospitable environment because of inadequate air conditioning. Dissatisfied employees rarely stick around.