Cooling ProductsIf you have a business that requires the purchase and maintenance of commercial cooling products, you are going to want to make sure that you invest in cooling products that suit your needs, fit in your space, and are reliable with regular maintenance services. There are a wide variety of cooling products that may be appropriate for use in your business, including commercial refrigeration units, freezers, cool rooms, ice makers and specialty units, like beer systems or wine storage.

No matter what cooling products you need for your business, it is a good idea to find a reputable and reliable company that can perform routine maintenance on these units. Routine maintenance will improve the expected lifespan of your cooling products. It will also save you money by reducing energy consumption and reducing the number of breakdowns you experience. Here are some things you should expect during a routine maintenance appointment:

  • Visual inspection of the unit, including refrigerant levels, fans and motor
  • Cleaning the condensing coils
  • Recalibrating the fans and lubricating as needed
  • Testing the temperature and humidity to ensure that perishables are properly chilled and protected in the unit

If you are considering purchasing new cooling products, you should discuss the purchase with your HVAC contractor. Because these purchases are generally expensive, you will want to carefully consider your options before making a purchase. Consider what type and size of cooling products will best meet your needs and budget. Do your research before selecting a brand, and find out what kind of warranty comes with the unit, as well as finding out if your HVAC contractor is part of the service network for that brand.