Signs Your Commercial Air Conditioning Needs Service

In these hot, summer months, business owners rely on their commercial air conditioning to keep their employees, customers, products, etc. nice and cool. When the air conditioning is not working properly, it can cause big problems in your business. To help you avoid commercial air conditioning issues, check out the top signs that your air conditioning needs service:

  • Bad Smell- This might be the easiest sign that your commercial air conditioning is in need of service. Bad smells will certainly catch your attention, and even worse, the attention of customers. If you can smell mildew or mold, you need to get your commercial air conditioning checked out ASAP!

Signs Your Commercial Air Conditioning Needs Service

  • Weird Sounds- Rattles, rumbles, and roars – oh my! If you are hearing abnormal sounds coming from your air conditioning, it is worth looking into. Typically, the only sound that should be made from an air conditioner is a quiet hum.
  • Increased Utility Bill- If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to keep costs down where you can. Because of this, you are likely to notice an increase on your utility bill. This increase could be a warning sign that your air conditioning is working harder than normal because of a problem that needs to be repaired.

Keeping up on commercial air conditioning maintenance is the best way to prevent the problems listed above from occurring. If you are in need of commercial air conditioning service, check us out at L&B Mechanical.